June via Instagram!

As you may or may not know, I'm a huge fan of Instagram. It's definitely my favourite social media! I thought I'd try something new and share my monthly Instagram pictures for those of you who may not use Instagram!
June was pretty amazing; the weather was fantastic, got to eat a ton of delish foods,  did my fave thing ever ~*~swimming~*~,  hung out with baes, met the cutest pride pug, left for Hong Kong and wore some of my fave pieces! June was awesome and I am stoked for July! Be sure to follow me on instagram: @theinbetweenie! :D

Wantlist x All White Everything!

I've arrived in Hong Kong! It's beyond humid here, I'm literally melting to death and I'm dreaming of easy breezy all white pieces! I think each one of these pieces would have been great for me to buy/pack since they look super light and everything can go with it! Technically it is only a couple degrees hotter here than it is in Toronto but, the humidity, I can't even describe how hot and sweaty and mucky it is outside. I definitely should have packed breezier pieces, clearly I couldn't imagine it would be this hot. I'm loving these pieces, I want literally everything - except for the sandals since I have almost the exact same pair but, GIMME EVERYTHING ELSE! :D